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Laptop, and PC's Sales and repairs

About us

A B Computers have been in business since December 1999 and have gone from strength to strength.
We started our business because other computer shops back then were charging so much money with the opinion that computers were a luxury product, however, we know and wanted that computers were a tool and every household should have one, so we made all our PC’s as affordable as possible. This is the philosophy we keep today, across all our products and services without discriminating between clients of a commercial or residential.

We also operate a friendly down to earth policy, giving the best advice as possible according to your needs and not what is best for our bottom line, and we are always happy to help anyone with any technical difficulties. 

Our staff are trained to offer such services as Laptop repair, PC repair and building along with a number of software-related services, Available at competitive prices for a similar service.

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Our Serives

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Hardware Sales

Seconed user

We se buy and sell computers and laptops

Buying or selling a used computer?

All our second user machines are checked thoughly and are cleared to a govermentary standard with means you can sell or buy a computer with piece of mind
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New builds

We build new computers to specification

Want to build a new computer?

We only use reputable and high quality parts, with genuine MS Windows and Linux Distributions which are stress tested and benchmarked to make sure the machine is reliable
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Compoents and peripherals

We sell all types from Ram to headsets

Need new CPU or keyboard?

We sell a large range of computer Hardware os CPU's, RAM, GPU's and all Types of storage media. We also cater for the Gamers who may want high performance keyboards and mice etc.
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Software & hardware repairs


We remove viruses and adware.

Have a virus?

We have a number of methods to remove all type of maleware and ransomeware, we can even de-encrpt the damage to files in most cases
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OS faults

We fix all manors of software failures

Need your OS re-installing?

Installing windows or linux us a time consuming process, so we can do it for you at a reasonal price and install all your drivers too.
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Hardware failures

We fix faulty or damaged computer components.

PC or notebook not working

Hardware is the brain and heart of any computer device and we can fix them back to full functionality
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Our Team



He started the company in Dec 1999 and has experience in Software and computer repair for 21 Years



He has been with the company for 5 Years and has got knowledge with computer and software servicing and with networking



He has a passion for technology and has experience in all types of repair and an understanding of Unix based OS’s