4 Pin Telephone/Modem Cable


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 Modem / Telephone / Fax line cable lead RJ11 to BT Plug, suitable for Hi Speed Internet Modems White. [Crossed 6P4C]

  • Telephone cable cord for connecting Telephones to standard BT Socket. Extend the length of distance from your socket to telephone or replace the existing cable. Cross wired connection.
  • White
  • UK Spec
  • This cable is 6P4C (6 Pin BT style plug – 4 wires connected – CROSSED). There are 2 pin, 4 pin and 6 pin cables, both straight and crossed. [THIS CABLE IS 4 PIN – 4 CABLE – CROSSED]
    **  If you are replacing a cable check your original cable for the number of gold pins, both on the BT plug END and the RJ11 (clear) plug END.
  • Most devices will use a straight cable, but some use a crossed cable which may be detailed within the user manual in which case it’s this cable you are looking at which is required.